For company’s developing requirement, we will engage the following persons of outstanding ability:

    1. an IT supervisor for the information branch of the joint corporation;
    The one should have the work experience in the super-large steel manufacture corporation.

    2. a chief representative of the company trade department in the United States;
    several sales representative;
    CET-6 level or above, be famous with the industry and the investment environment of the United States market;
    with a wide range of personal and social resources.

    3. several technical staff of production°Ętechnique°Ęquality testing°Ęelectrical engineering;
    undergraduate course or above;
    one with the specialty of Metallurgical machinery, metal materials heat treatment, quality testing, electromechanical integration is prior;
    one with the work experience in the super-large steel manufacture or the metallurgy design institute is prior;

    ▪ Welcome every interested party to send us the resume according to the following address,
    ▪ Post: Sanjiang Avenue, Yanjiang Economic Development Zone of Jiangdu, Jiangsu, 225200. Contact: Mr. Huang
    ▪ For more information, visit:, or by fax: 0514-86431188.
    ▪ We will arrange the interview in the local company and provide a competitive remuneration.